3D Paper Based Printer

3D Paper Based Printer

Mr. Charles Aquilina invited me to  his lab to watch his 3D paper based printer in action.
3D printing now a days its not an innovation but still there are  improvements to be done,
especially when it comes on working out the cost of the model to be produced and the printer machine per-se.
One main advantage of this printer is the low cost of the models production,  since they are based on normal A4 paper

even tough improvements are still to be completed it produces excellent results.

Model Production

The model first must be created in a 3D application and saved in STL format,
once converted in STL format the model is ready to be printed.
The printer builds the model layer by layer each layer represents a sheet of A4 paper therefore if the model
is made up of 100 layers the printer  needs 100 A4 sheets of paper to complete the model.

See video clips and images below.

4up 3up 2up 1up