EU Comenius Project



The aims behind this project are to integrate students from different European countries in diversified environments, such as; Social environment with different cultures, Educational environment and working environment. The exercise requires all the students to participate as a team work taking responsibilities of their duties and complete the project put forward to them with commitment.

After this project students shall complete the following:

  • Setup a Content Management System (CMS) exploiting open source applications
  • Create a custom theme design for the Content Management System
  • Manage the Content Management system
  • Produce material for the Content Management System
  • Keeping updated the Content Management System
  • Continuous developing of the Content Management System

Project Summary

Our first destination was Tenerife, hosted by Spain, following Sweden, Malta and Italy.  We started off with a general introduction of each country. Each group of students delivered a presentation presenting an overview of their country following with an ice breaking session. In the afternoon lecturers and students discussed the project in the following order:

  • Project Structure and Open Source applications
  • Roles and duties
  • Planning and Schedule

Project Structure and Open Source applications

We discussed together with the students the objectives of this project and what targets to complete. At this point students were given their first exercise; to discuss the Project Structure and decide what type of CMS Open source they are going to setup.

Decisions taken

  • Open Source application  “Drupal” and “ Moodle”
  • Socialization and integration
  • Comparisons of skills and skills acquisition
  • Assertiveness in Decision making

Roles and Duties

Roles and duties were decided between the students and consequently assigned by the lecturers after evaluating skills accordingly in the areas concerned, with the following results:

Germany Duty

Research and installations of plug-ins, for “Drupal” and “Moodle”. To keep the CMS update it with the most recent tools with regards Interactive Communication.

Italy Duty

News letter updates. To collect data from all the other students representing their college or school involved in the project and update “Drupal” CMS with news letter accordingly.

Malta Duty

Setup and maintenance of “Moodle” Content Management System. Assisting Sweden in Digital Graphic design, for CMS theme Customization.

Spain Duty

Setup and maintenance of “Drupal” Content Management System also provided hosting for CMS. Server was setup between Malta and Spain.


Graphic Design for both Content Management Systems “Drupal” and “Moodle”. Developing theme template and Logo.


  • Leadership
  • Management