Day-to-day running

State-run schools together with independent schools are co-ed, (meaning both male and female students attend) whilst most Church schools are single gender.  Transport to school is usually offered for free to all students.  The academic year starts around the last week of September and ends in June (In Maltese: Ġunju).  Students in compulsory schooling have three days of holidays in November (In Maltese: Novembru), fifteen days of holidays over Christmas (In Maltese: Il-Milied), two days of holidays in February/March for the Carnival (In Maltese: Karnival) and eight days of holidays in March/April for the Easter (In Maltese: L-Gћid il-Kbir) in addition to public holidays and the summer break between July ( In Maltese: Lulju) and September (In Maltese: Settembru) .

State schools provide text books (In Maltese: Kotba) free of charge (In Maltese: b’xejn) to their students as opposed to independent and Church schools.

Post-secondary and tertiary education including University is free for Maltese, EU citizens and eligible residents with sufficient qualifications for entry.


Mark true or false:

  1. Most church schools are co-ed


4. Transport to schools is usually provided to all students



Insert in the following corresponding to the month/s:

  1. Christmas
  2. Carnival
  3. Easter
  4. summer
  5. Mid-term

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1 December 2 April 3 February 4 November……..



Post-secondary and tertiary education including University is free for:



Mark the schools where textbooks are not provided for free: