During the Arab rule in Malta (870 – 1090), Maltese citizens had limited access to education.  The arrival of a number of religious orders in the following centuries brought religious-based education to the island for wealthy families.  During the time of the Knights of St John (1530 – 1798).  The island saw the establishment of the University of Malta, around which a number of primary, secondary and post-secondary institutions were established.

The language of instruction was Italian but in 1878 it was replaced by English.  Education was made compulsory in 1946 in response to a number of children not attending school due to poverty between the First and Second World Wars.  The age at which education became compulsory was lowered to five years on 1988.



Religious Orders brought religious-based education to?



Until 1878 the language of instruction in Malta was



Education in Malta was made compulsory (1946) because of