Boċċi in English bowls. Other than certain differences in rules and the ground on which the game is played, one of the most obvious differences between Maltese boċċi and foreign equivalents is the shape of the bowls themselves which tend to be cylindrical rather than spherical in shape.

Many small clubs (In Maltese:  Klabb tal-Boċċi) can be found in Maltese and Gozitan localities and are usually well-frequented and are quite active on a local and European level. Even people who immigrated to Canada, Australia, and The United States have taken the game with them and now forms an important part of their social scene.


Question 1 What is the difference between the shape of Maltese bowls (In Maltese: Boċċi) and foreigner ones?



Question 2. Which shape do the Maltese bowls tend to be?



Question 3. What do we call the clubs where the game of bowls is played in Malta?