The Maltese National Regatta is a rowing regatta held bi-annually on 31st March and 8th September to commemorate the withdrawal of the British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta and Victory Day respectively. The Regatta pitches 7 participants against each other over 10 head races of 1,040 meters each spanning two categories. The Regatta is held in the Grand Harbour (In Maltese: Port il-Kbir) and is a national event, it draws thousands of spectators year after year.

Rowers (In Maltese: Qaddiefa) from 7 different clubs compete in two categories. The 'Open' category is dedicated to professional rowers (Qaddiefa) whereas Category 'B' is intended for up-and-coming inexperienced rowers. Each category comprises five (Ħames) races and the club which obtains the highest number of points from the five races wins the respective category.

Each race features a different rowing boat (dgħajsa) and points are awarded to the first three placings. The number of points tends to vary from one race to another, with the largest number of points assigned to the last race, thus ensuring that the competition remains interesting to the very end.
Participants are:

Birżebbuġa Regatta Club
Bormla Regatta Club
Birgu Regatta Club
Kalkara Regatta Club
Marsa Regatta Club
Marsamxett Regatta Club
Senglea Regatta Club


Question 1. What is the Maltese National Regatta?



Question 2. The Maltese National Regatta is held two times a year, when?



Question 3. What does the Maltese National Regatta commemorate?



Question 4. How many clubs participate during the Regatta?



Question 5. There are two rowing categories A and B. The category B participants…



Question 6. Rower in Maltese is called ….



Question 7. The list of places below participated in the Maltese National Regatta True or False?