Students Events

ICT Students at Esplora

MCAST ICT level 4 1stYr students promoting their projects at ESPLORA Science Centre Kalkara. Well done to all students.

Keith Chircop JAYE Final AwardS 2018

Keith Chircop an MCAST ICT  student reading Level 4 Diploma in Multimedia Software Development took part in a startup programme organized by the JAYE Malta Foundation.  Keith started working on his prototype MANIBUS as from the beginning of the scholastic year 2017/18. He managed to put together a research presentation of MANIBUS as well as developing practical examples of MANIBUS. His idea is to add Push Back technology to existing hand gesture technology. Keith Chircop presented his idea on Saturday 26th May to the public during the JAYE Startup Programme Finals & Awards Night Forging Connections. Keith was awarded for his Continuous Development and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Boot Camp Certificate Presentation

MCAST Institute of Information & Communication Technology organized a one-day boot camp hosting two schools, Mater Boni Consilli Paola students, and San Benedittu  Kirkop students.  The Boot Camp was organized by Mr. Silvio Nocilla, Mr. Paul Pulis and with the help of Ms. Daniela Zerafa Education Officer for MATSEC IT VET. Four Students reading an Advanced Diploma in IT at level 4 where involved to support form 2 students during their boot camp exercise. Mandy Cortis, Leon Piscopo, Neil Delia and Ramon Falzon did a very good peer tutoring job helping the students to complete their web design exercise during the boot camp day. Dr. Mario Cardona Head of Technical College, Mr. Conrad Vassallo Director for ICT and Mr. Silvio Nocilla DDPM for the ICT Technical College presented a certificate award to the students for the excellent work done by assisting the students during the boot camp event.

Students from Kullegg San Benedittu Secondary School Kirkop During ICT MCAST Boot Camp.

BOOT Camp event hosted by Institute of ICT MCAST. Students from  Mater Boni Consilli

This is one out of 3 Boot Camp series events that are taking place at the Institute of ICT MCAST. The objective of these events is to outreach form 2 students in a different modality.  Mater Boni Consilli students During the Boot Camp. Throughout the workshop, students from ICT Technical College supported the participants to successfully complete their web page.


Keith Chircop Robotic Glove

Kieth Chircop reading an MCAST Advanced Software Development Diploma at Level 4 is presenting his prototype concept of a robotic glove exploiting hand gesture technology, during the JAYE workshop exhibition at Tigne Point. The challenge of this study is to integrate the sense of feel with hand gesture technology.

Domestic Violence App Development

Robert Cassar Pace an ICT student designed and developed the APP in collaboration with Community Services students. Robert successfully completed the MCAST Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Software Development and is currently reading a BSc in Multimedia Software Development. The application was designed to provide a user-friendly environment which facilitates information accessibility to visitors. Download  & Install Info App here

Service Dogs Foundation Malta Educational Game Launch and Dogs Graduation


MCAST Margherita College

On Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th October, MCAST has participated in the Careers fair that was at ST. Margherita College Verdala. During the event, the collaboration with Valletta 18 was highlighted with prospective MCAST students.


Progression Talk 2016

Advanced Diploma 1st Year Project Exhibition

This is an internal exhibition organized for the first time by the Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT). The objective of this exhibition is to stimulate and motivate students through out their studies. Students exhibited their final project assignments such as; Raspberry Pi, Games and other projects within the institute giving an explanation about their project. Hopefully that the coming scholastic year will continue giving to our students the opportunity to demonstrate their projects completed during their scholastic year.


EXPO 2016
The fifth edition of the MCAST EXPO, a three day event aimed at offering visitors a taste of the MCAST learning experience is being held between Thursday 25 and Saturday 25 June 2016 at the MCAST Main Campus, in Paola. Students, lecturers, career advisers, support staff as well as different industry sectors will be available under one roof to help visitors discover different aspects related to the College’s full-time and part-time courses, student support services available at MCAST as well as career and employment opportunities.